June 2017-Now/ Design Leader, Restaurant Design Innovation at Chick-fil-A

Formed an innovation team that incorporates multiple groups within CFA. The team is the first service-focused (non-digital) team to operate under Scrum Agile at CFA. Led team through a number of iterations and prototypes –at different levels of fidelity– of physical touch-points and the corresponding changes in employee behavior and service process. Planned and led research.

 July 2016-June 2017/ Lead Human Experience Designer, Lowe’s

Led the design, planning and execution of contextual research. Synthesized research and extracted actionable insights. Identified Moments of Truth of crucial customer journeys, helping decide on priorities and measures of success. Created visualizations to tell stories on journeys. Facilitated numerous workshops.

Nov. 2015-June 2016/ Human Experience Designer, Integrated Experience Design and Development, Lowe's

Conducted design research to understand service related challenges that customers and associates face. Collaborated and co-created with customers and associates to concept solutions. Used design to turn insights into functional prototypes. Tested prototypes, with a view to refining them for delivery at scale. 

2014/ UX Intern at IBM M&C Lab, Havas Worldwide

Mind-mapped the team’s understanding of different customer segments and Watson’s different products. Wireframed pages. Created a style guide to help the developer of the site. Redesigned the Watson Career portal. Conducted stakeholder and user interviews. Proposed strategies to optimize the communications between recruiters and candidates. Wrote initial copy deck. Made design comps. 

2008-2011/ Founder, Comunidad de Debate

Founded Comunidad de Debate, an NGO that promotes critical thinking and competitive debate in Venezuela. Judged competitive debate tournaments, acted as moderator for debates between political candidates. Taught workshops. Coached teams. Assisted a College-level class at UCAB. Through my work and in partnering with other people and organizations, the activity of debate in Venezuela went from being non-existent to having a presence in many political parties, four different universities and numerous civic organizations.

2006-2011/ Freelancer and Design Applications Instructor

Served around 10 SME clients. Specialized in catalog and print design. As instructor, focused on teaching Photoshop and Illustrator to groups of professionals and hobbyists. Imparted workshops at La Escuelita Creativa, a small, private continuing adult education school. 

2003-2006/ Bentrani (now BTN) In-House Designer

Created visual identities for all company brands and communications for all retail and wholesale stores. Planned and implemented the yearly advertising budget, maintaining contact with 20+ magazines and other media. Generated concepts, designed and produced print campaigns for Bellagio, a high-end jewelry store. Designed environmental-graphics for a jewelry wholesale store. Wrote branding manuals for watch kiosk franchise. Designed watch catalogs.

2003Concept Advertising Agency, Junior Art Director

Chose images for campaigns. Designed wraparounds for fleets. Created Valentine’s Day promotional card boxes and promotional campaign for Digitel Tim. Created concept for backs of ABCi-toos morning cereal boxes.

 1998-2003 General Manager, Profleca

Managed operations and oversaw over 170 employees at a Mattress Manufacturer. 


Savannah College of Art and Design
2013-2015 Service Design MFA Thesis in progress (3.85 GPA)
2011-2013 Graphic Design BFA Magna Cum Laude (3.82 GPA)

Instituto de Diseño de Caracas
2000-2003 Graphic Design Diploma (Completed/Transferred)

Tel Aviv University  Completed Courses in Film and Television


Coca-Cola Freestyle Crew-serve Project  Winter 2014
Project Manager. Planned and executed the research plan. Led ideation sessions. Oversaw all aspects of the project including 5 different concepts with physical prototypes. Speaker in all presentations to the client. 

Coca-Cola Consumer Conversion Project  Winter 2014
Project Manager. Planned the research plan and led its implementation. Created design framework. Led ideation sessions. Managed concept database. Team Project Manager.  Produced tablet, interface and game prototypes. 

SCADpad Microhousing Project  Winter 2014
Point person for the Living Services team. Prototyped a food delivery, laundry delivery services and a delivery Hub concept. Designed packaging. Was a speaker in all presentations. Created branding for 15 concepts across the project, unifying the work of two classes.

Adobe Sponsored Project, Behance Redesign  Winter 2013
SCRUM Master. Organized our activities and meetings. Responsible for managing Teambox and being an ambassador for Scrum Agile. Collaborated in the ideation and design for developing user interfaces. Produced and laid out the book that documented the project.

Working Class Studio Internship SCAD Fall 2012
Collaborated on a book about the Studio, which is a SCAD division. Did the layout for the book. Developed a lighting project and a product for the kitchen. Designed packaging and branding for both.

Kickstarter Sponsored Project Fall 2012
Created concepts for three innovative products that could be the basis for a Kickstarter project. Produced a prototype and a promotional movie. Designed all templates that were used in the class.


Service Design
Design Research
Design Strategy
Business Design
Project Management
Info Architecture

After Effects
Google Docs


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