Goals for my knowledge tool for the Fogg Behavior Model

I am doing a knowledge tool for my thesis. It's not the final artifact, but the method I will use to co-create. The thesis (of my thesis) is that behavior is the most important currency for the design of services and that we need a shared model and a way to use that model to systematically understand behavior.  

Here are the specific goals for the knowledge tool (K-tool)

  • Establish a shared definition of Behavior for the purposes of the K-tool
  • Communicate why understanding behavior is so important for services
  • Explain the three drivers of behavior in a general fashion
  • Go deeper into each driver
  • Review, test and get feedback on the transfer of the information
  • Present a Service Design Tool based on the Fogg Behavior Model
  • Present a Case Study within which to apply this tool 
  • Get feedback on the tool