One word that says who I am as a designer

I collect superlatives. Whenever someone expresses admiration, I make a mental note. One person always refers to things she likes as either "cerebral" or "lovely". Another, uses "exquisite" for anything praise-worthy. A third uses "top-notch" to exhaustion. Here's mine: if something works well, is ingenious, simple and solves a problem, I say "beautiful". 

One word that says who I aim to be as a service designer

I want to be a sherpa. A metaphorical one, mind you, standing in the freezing air with a group of people. Inside my backpack are 3 capabilities and one meta-skill. I need to understand the terrain and the people, to be a researcher. I need to consider the ever changing conditions and chart plans, I’m a strategist. I propose, explain and implement a solution. I’m a designer. Because it all has to be communicated, I’m a storyteller. 

My trek

I started as a film school student. Sadly, I had to cut my studies short and go back to my home country to help my family. While working full time I explored graphic design. My in-house job, which I loved, was “a one-woman-ad-agency”. When I left to freelance my boss became my first client.  

Freelancing allowed me two passion projects: First, I devoured everything I could about personal productivity and put it in a blog, CreaOrden. That lead me to behavior and habits. Second, was politics and citizen diplomacy, which related to oratory and persuasion. My country's political climate inspired me to help Venezuelans to solve their problems with words. I founded a Competitive Debate NGO.Through my work and other’s debate went from being non-existent to flourishing.

My fascination with behavior, persuasion and design led me to design thinking, to SCAD and Service Design. My interest in behavior crystallized in my thesis on behavior change and behavior design.

Contact me if you have similar interests. I am currently searching for a position that will let me grow my sherpa skills. Please add me on LinkedIn or write me at